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Fondue, I got this.


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At the first of the fabulous fondue fetes/Magic: The Gathering/Ladies Craft Night (we like combos), I propped the camera on top of my water glass and pushed the timer button. Tami walked in.

Tami: What are you doing?

Me: Taking my picture.

Tami: Do you want me to do that?

Me: I got it. See?

Tami: Yeaaaah.

Click click click.

Me: Aw, it’s fuzzy.

Lisa: (snort)

I set the camera up again. Tami walks back by the room and shakes her head in despair.

Lisa: I could take it?

Tami: I could call you ‘whore’ again?

Me: I got this!

Fondue/Magic/Crafts = a good night. All whore-calling aside.


More photos from fondue night here.

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  1. michele

    of course. i am currently unclear on when crumpet night is. i *think* adam said the next magic night was thurs, the 22nd. and maybe that is when crumpet night is? but adam needs assistants to send out invites for him and he didn’t ask me to sooooo i dunno what’s happening really. and i already have tentative 22nd plans. heh. i should just email adam and demand answers. i should also write a blog about why tami called me a whore. which i enjoyed so much i almost fell off my chair laughing. i did start it by calling her a ho the previous week.

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