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Puppy Belly — The Forbidden Meat


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Nuala recently sent me a postcard for my birthday.

She was rather delighted with the “puppy belly” section. I can see why. I mean, it’s both cute AND horrifying. I made a t-shirt out of it.

Just in case Garren needed another meat shirt.

2 Responses to Puppy Belly — The Forbidden Meat

  1. Nuala

    I’m so pleased you liked it! I got that card and thought to myself, this is a fun card. It needs to go to Michele! I also am now in love with the tshirt 🙂

  2. Michele

    I should probably take a better picture and clean up the smudge on the card so it doesn’t transfer to the shirt. But I wasn’t really expecting anyone to buy it so my standards for creation were low. I am glad you like it though! =)

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