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Fiery World


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At the beginning of the month I took advantage of the free day for museums in SF (first Tuesday of every month) and went to the see The Cult of Beauty exhibit at the Legion of Honor.

It was not as awesome as I was hoping it would be as there was less paintings and more interior decorating but there were still some amazing pieces that I’m glad I got to see. In particular this one:

Midsummer by Albert Moore

Which reminds me of this one (which wasn’t there even though many other Frederic Leighton ones were):

Flaming June by Frederic Leighton

These images paired along with all the interior design elements made me long to paint a room orange. Orange! Glowing, gorgeous, gaudy.

“Beauty reveals everything, because it expresses nothing.
When it shows itself, it shows us the whole fiery colored world.”
-Oscar Wilde, The Critic as Art (1890)

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  1. Kris

    Do it! I am always nervous about orange for myself. It could be fiery, it could be traffic cone. But I have faith in your color sense to make it awesome.

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