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There are many ways to offer someone compliments and best wishes on a new position. At my job we do it in the most nerd-like fashion possible. Here are the four favorites that I came up with, they’re 50% Firefly-centric because it is the best. If you click on 1-3 they’ll be actual animated gifs.


"Have fun in your job of the future!"

“Have fun in your job of the future!”


boo dream hag from princess bride

In a conversation with Kelsey talking about something else she said, “BOOOO! BoooooooOOOOOOOooooo!!” I called her “Wartish Dream Hag” and sent her a video. Her response? “I might have to send that to B.” I laughed so loud it was embarrassing in our silent office.


firefly wash this land dinosaurs

“But seriously, super thrilled for all the technogeekery wonderfulness you will DEVelop!”


nathan fillion saying off come my pants on a talk show.

“Nathan Fillion wanted to congratulate you personally. With his dick.”

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