Yes, sometimes I do feel I post too many work stories. But you know what? I am a cog in the wheel now. Almost all my most interesting things happen at work these days. Also, it’s this or nothing. Don’t complain.

Today Dan stopped by my desk at 8:30 in the morning.

Dan: Can I ask you a weird question?

Me: (suspicious intrigued [sleepy] face) Yes?

Dan: Do you have any lotion?

5 minutes later it still smells like a tropical flower garden up in here. I only have very smelly lotion. A fact for which I apologize by IM to Dan.

Dan: Mixed with my fierce masculinity, it makes for a highly intriguing scent over here.

Me: It will draw admirers like locusts. Possibly actual locusts. i’m not sure what they are drawn by.

Dan: The apocalypse?

Me: Poop?

Dan: The apoopalypse?