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The Thing About Bunnies

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Is that they are a problem for me, emotionally.

1. I love bunnies.

2. I do not love dead bunnies.

Number one has randomly come to pass in that an albino bunny has moved in to the back yard. I don’t know where she came from but she spends a good portion of every day eating the grass (and whatever other items one may or may not put out on the deck including carrots, a raspberry from my bush, and bok choy. I want it noted that I am against the giving away of my bok choy. I love bok choy. The bunny can subsist on carrot tops and grass for all I care. Stupid mother.)

It should also be noted that I followed her around the backyard throwing the raspberry at her for a good six minutes before it hit her in the ass and bounced off and she finally deigned to notice it. She liked it though. I could tell.

Number two is bound to happen eventually though is the problem, see. I live in a house with three outdoor cats maddeningly ravenous for killing defenseless animals. Along with at least two feral cats who come by every once in a while and who knows how many raccoons. Raccoons might kill rabbits, I don’t know. There was one on top of the pool table just last night when I went out for my laundry. Frakkin’ coons.

Frankly, I’m surprised this bunny has lasted so long. She’s been coming by every day for over two weeks now. I remember because the first day was when I was seeing Priest with Rob and my mom called to shriek at me about a bunny and I had to be all, “Dude, I thought it was important. I’m in a movie!” And hang up on her. Little did I know then how I would come to be emotionally invested in the whole bunny drama.

Now, every time I walk out to the kitchen and the bunny is hopping around outside the sliding glass door, I’m like, “Bunny!” and rush to plaster my front against the window and stare raptly at the albino creature. Fish sits next to me begging to be allowed out to chase the hoppy thing. I refuse him. Then I go out and chase it around with raspberries flung at the ass.

Please don’t die, bunny. Let’s be friends. You are very dirty today because it’s been pouring and everything is muddy. I could dry you off and clean you up and find more carrot tops for you. Friends, bunny!

Ok, also while I have you here talking about my backyard and bunnies. Look at this second photo which along with hare has some tomato plants.

Compare that with when I first planted the tomatoes back in April.

They were so tiny back then! Now they’re all way over the top of their wire cage things and insanely bursting out all over the place. Tomatoes, man. Maybe I have a green thumb! (Hint: I probably don’t.)



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I’ve been kind of lazy and not uploading or writing about my pictures lately. Whoops, slacker.

A couple weekends ago, I went to Esparto, CA with my mom, brother, Erin, and Evan to the Almond Festival. There were rides, ponies, the Fire Department was selling tri-tip sandwiches (sooooo good), and there were many many free samples of things to eat and read. I had a lot of almonds. Flavored and covered in chocolate. Also snipped off pieces of the most gigantic licorice I’ve ever seen in my life. I wish I had bought some but it was expensive. There was even a library book sale. Basically it was a massive success.

And after Fest’ing it up, we went over to Creekside Ranch to see all the baby sheeps. Baby sheeps! Evan and I were in heaven. We got to bottle feed a bummer lamb!

So adorable. There are more pictures of the day here.

Last night I had a Sushi Sunday party here at my house-sitting location. It’s been a long time since I gorged on home-made sushi. It was just as delicious as I remembered it being. I also made crab meat/cream cheese puffs which were incredible. Sadly we ate all of them before I remembered I had a camera. After dinner we played this gorgeous (but kind of vicious) pirate board game.

More pictures of last night here.