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I’ve been kind of lazy and not uploading or writing about my pictures lately. Whoops, slacker.

A couple weekends ago, I went to Esparto, CA with my mom, brother, Erin, and Evan to the Almond Festival. There were rides, ponies, the Fire Department was selling tri-tip sandwiches (sooooo good), and there were many many free samples of things to eat and read. I had a lot of almonds. Flavored and covered in chocolate. Also snipped off pieces of the most gigantic licorice I’ve ever seen in my life. I wish I had bought some but it was expensive. There was even a library book sale. Basically it was a massive success.

And after Fest’ing it up, we went over to Creekside Ranch to see all the baby sheeps. Baby sheeps! Evan and I were in heaven. We got to bottle feed a bummer lamb!

So adorable. There are more pictures of the day here.

Last night I had a Sushi Sunday party here at my house-sitting location. It’s been a long time since I gorged on home-made sushi. It was just as delicious as I remembered it being. I also made crab meat/cream cheese puffs which were incredible. Sadly we ate all of them before I remembered I had a camera. After dinner we played this gorgeous (but kind of vicious) pirate board game.

More pictures of last night here.


great america

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On Sunday I went to Great America with Gene, Christine, Adam, Nuala and Garren. It was an excellently sized group, a gorgeous day, and there was a new ride titled “Firefall”. Let me tell you a little about Firefall.


was Christine’s reaction upon first seeing it.

And then the water burst into flames.

It was AWESOME. “FIRE!” I would yell at random intervals when halfway across the park.

As is to be expected when Great America-ing with Christine and I: we went on Delirium three times. One of those times, I tried to explain my love affair with the ride to Garren (who had been a Delirium virgin up until yesterday).

Me: Delirium is like great sex.

Garren: “Wha…Wha..What?”

Me: Well when it’s good it’s like your whole body is swirling around and you get sort of light-headed and then at the end you feel fantastic.

Garren proceeded to chortle through the entire ride. Which I guess might also happen during great sex. I can’t tell if it’s just because I’ve been reading too many romance novels lately or because I’m reaching the peak of female sexuality (getting old, people) but I could have ridden Delirium all day long. I’m just saying.

More pictures HERE.