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In Oregon this weekend, my family and I kidnapped my teenage cousin, Lacey, for a day in Portland at Powell’s. While there we hit up the Deschutes Brewery for some snacks and drinks (it’s like 3 blocks from the Land ‘O Books). Lacey spied a cute busser and proceeded to tell me how adorable he was ad nauseum. I stared at him politely for her sake. He did have a nice body. James (other cousin) took a different tack.

James: You think he’s cute?

Lacey: Yeah.

James: Maybe you should tell him so.

Me: What?

James: And take your picture with him.


Lacey: Maybe I will.

Me: (whimper)

2 minutes later of James being a goading terror.

Lacey: Michele, can I borrow your phone?

Me: Seriously!?!

lacey and brew boy.jpg

I can admit that my 16 year old cousin is much braver than me. And cunning with the artful lies to convince a stranger to take his picture with her.




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I remember back in the day when I was just entering into my teenage years of angst that the thought of additional girls to my maternal extended family was enough to drive me into a rage of epic proportions. I liked being the only one; I craved being special. Some of this could be blamed on hormones, but mostly it was my extreme hatred for anything new that would change my established routine and experience. Now that I’m older (and wiser) I’ve come to see that girls are GREAT. What’s not to love when new additions to the family included Katherine, Lacey, and Isabella?

And soon now (well in March) there will be another girl! A new baby niece to adore and I am so excited. Kudos to John and Katherine for procreating females. Girls rule, boys drool. (Well, really all babies drool at first).


Not Katherine’s fetus.



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the last 5 minutes = so awesome i need to share.

i saw that the mail had come so i went out to get it. imagine my surprise to receive multiple letters:

1 from miramonte

1 from christine

1 from nuala

1 from lacey

so much mail! i love mail!

plus the random miramonte mail was a check for $130 for vacation days being paid out or something. i’m not questioning it even though i haven’t worked there since december. $130, all mine.