so my mom gave me a flyer for the annual nordstrom sale which starts next week and i said,

“dood i can’t go to this. i don’t have any money.”

“me neither,” my mom sighed.

“shit,” i said. “i want to go.”

“me too.”

“i’m gonna go.”

“me too.”

“i can’t move to san diego.”

“huh?” (this sudden change of topic thru my mother off a bit)

“i don’t have any money. i can’t move.”

for all of you who really really cared. i am not moving to San Diego. Marina promises to eventually forgive me. (who knows how long that will take. grin.) the inevitibility of me going to a nordies sale has convinced me, at last, of the sheer emptiness of my pocket book. i do not know what i do with all my money. it’s amazing though how i have none of it. perhaps next time it’s NYE i should make a resolution to keep better track of my expenses. but then again maybe by next NYE i’ll be living in a cardboard box on the street. ha ha. just kidding. i’m going to be living at home for the year. attempting the possibly impossible goal of saving 10,000 dollars and being able to pay for at least part of grad school next next fall.

in other news. i cut all my hair off. there’s bangs. holy christ is there ever. jumping basket of lizards.

ar ar ar. cementhorizon. ar ar ar.