Today, per usual, I sunbathed at lunchtime while wearing a bikini top and overalls. Some excessively loud, obnoxious middle schoolers were on campus and when I put my shirt back on they went off on it/me.

�You don�t got to put your shirt back on for them!�

�What is she wearing?�

�It�s a bathing suit top and a bathing suit bottom.�

�It�s not warm enough.�

�Why is she wearing it there?�

�If I had a bathing suit I�d be wearing it.�

�It�s hot!�

�It�s not even that warm!�

�People don�t just take off their clothes and wear bathing suits.�

�What�s she doing in it anyway?�

�She�s sunbathing!�

�It�s not even warm out.�

�They live on campus. They can do things like this.�

�If I had that body I�d be wearing a bikini too.�

�You would not!�

�It�s not that nice out!�

�What�s she wearing?�

�A bathing suit!�

�What for?�

I fucking kid you not. Fucking middle schoolers. Whoo. I used to be one of them. I don�t think I was that loud though.

So this weekend I was at the movie theatre and there were these two lesbians sitting next to me at the Bourne Identity (review coming.) and one of them was serious dyke action. And the other one was having issues and all torn up about it and CRYING in the movie theatre. And saying things such as, �I want to kiss you.� In the THEATRE. I was sitting there going good jesus, get over the fact that you�re bisexual already and shut the fuck up. It would have been endearing if she wasn�t so melodramatic. But in reality it was just dumb. Sigh. Buggin lesbians. I wish I could think things were sweet more often. I saw this couple on campus and the boy was dropping off the girl and they were all huggy huggy kissy kissy. And I was all like goddammit, pretty skinny blonde girl. Ok I actually found them pretty adorable. And before you go all homophobic on my ass and say that I was irritated by the lesbians simply because they were being openly gay in a public place�bite your tongue. You didn�t have to sit next to that girl. The openly happy about her lesbian status one was actually pretty cool. It was the other one. The other one who I wanted to punch in the face and tell her to stop making this butch lady so miserably unhappy and unrequited in love. Although I think the short haired baseball cap wearing white t-shirted and baggy pants sporting one was getting a little fed up her own self.

Speaking of the gays, I believe it�s gay pride weekend here in SF this upcoming 2 days off from work. I probably won�t budge from my house honestly. But there you have it.

Ahem and in conclusion. Kristen and I have different musical tastes. And just as I find Kristen�s choices of maudlin, morose males and feminist femme fatales kind of sweet; I think she finds the fact that I will sing along to Limp Bizkit about taking a chainsaw to someone�s bare ass kind of cute.

Balderdash is so much better than dictionary. Dictionary is the half ass to which I have just taken a chainsaw compared to Balderdash.

p.s. disregard what Kristen says and read her short fiction.

p.p.s. camping