The middle schoolers were there today AGAIN. Will they give me no peace?! No rest for the wicked I suppose, as my Nana always used to say. All right she never said that. But did you have to be so mean about it? Why am I carrying on a conversation with myself here? And why do I do that ALL THE TIME? Hmph.

Holy shit! You will never guess what I just did! I bought a ticket to fucking Washington DC for next Wednesday thru Sunday. I�m going to Washington DC! For the Fourth of July! If I live thru the plane ride there this is going to be an amazing weekend. I get to go to a free concert at the National Mall to hear Aretha Franklin sing! And I get to hang out with Marina and the fam. Apparently there will be little children there too! �Eek! Get off my leg, little children!� I will yell at them. Go here if you care to read about all the fun things I will be doing. Or go here if you are just jealous and want me to burn in hell. But for myself I am mainly just soooo very fucking excited. This is a totally crazy thing to do. Completely and utterly. And I know this. I KNOW it. But I couldn�t stop myself. And you have no idea how happy I made Marina. J Hi Marina! So fucking ay, DC here I come.