So I forgot to tell ya�ll that when I went to the movies last weekend I saw (in addition to The Bourne Identity) Scooby Doo and The Sum of all Fears. Mind you I only paid for one of those as I was sneaky and crept into one after SD got out. Muah ha ha ha! I am so evil! It was so much fun though. I was so pleased to watch so many movies in one day. And so pleased not to be at home per usual weekend fare.

My brother is having a BBQ party this weekend to which I am not invited. And my mom is also being kicked out of the house. What the fuck is up with that I wonder. He is not a very nice child I must say. But whatever we shall leave him alone to his revels and his new pseudo girlfriend.

Speaking of pseudo relationships. Jenny has apparently been continuing to date this boy from the WAP and has YET to make out with him. GOOD GOD, GIRL. Hit that shit. I�m telling you. Man oh man. It�s been MONTHS. You don�t see certain other people waiting around for the actual event (hint hint). Anyway I�m going to call her tonight or tomorrow and get further details since her email communication skills suck ass.

Did you think I was going to talk about some pseudo relationship I myself was having? Ha ha ha. Yeah right. I don�t even have fake relationships. I�ve even given up on the boy who doesn�t know how to use the fax machine owing to the fact that he wears socks with his sandals. And boy who thinks I have someone special from Safeway doesn�t appear to even work there anymore. I am destitute of romantic entanglements. It�s obviously time for some life change. Some movement forward. Snort. Whatever.

I still cannot believe that I�m going to DC next week. I woke up this morning and was convinced that I had dreamt the whole buying of the ticket. But I didn�t. Oh no. I really have a fake paper ticket. And I already have Jason convinced to take me to the airport at 4am. Hee hee hee. THANKS JASON. You are the bomb diggity I swear.

I worry sometimes that I don�t gnaw on metaphysical bones on this page like Kristen and sometimes Jacob do on theirs. Perhaps my daily life is not that exciting. Who am I kidding? My daily life bores even me. I should work on that. Maybe tomorrow I will have something more interesting to say.