This is going to be a short, but disgusting entry.

So the other day I went to this class at UCB for Grants Administration (boring work stuff). 3 hours long. Three fucking hours. Unbelievable. Anyway so at one point I had to go the bathroom (which if you know me, you will know is a common occurrence.) and so I wandered on down to the bathroom and I said hello to it�s new and interesting sinks and toilets. But then I noticed something shocking! On the doors of the bathrooms there are sometimes these little �notes� placed by the bathroom cleaning staffs that say things like, �Please help us keep the bathroom clean. Place sanitary napkins in the disposal bins. Make sure to throw away your trash. And flush the toilet before you leave.� And sometimes people have added their own little sayings to these sign, such as: �Remember to wipe your sprinkle after you tinkle.� And there�s this whle dialogue on one about sexism and how the boys don�t have these signs in their bathrooms and they are expected to be dirty and allowed whereas we are supposed to clean up after ourselves. Which is a load of bullshit, because I cannot imagine the boys bathroom being any dirty than the women�s generally are. No one seems to have grasped the concept of throwing the used paper towels into the garbage can yet. Off subject. Back to the point: This new and (now) frightening bathroom had an alarming sign which read, �If you drop any blood on the toilet seat, wipe it off. If you pee on the seat, wipe it off. Please help us to maintain a clean space for women to use the restroom.� Or something to that effect. I was horrified at the abrupt shift in language to include the menstrual cycles of bathroom users in the admonishing messages. I. Felt. So. Dirty. And I wasn�t even having MY period.