Last night, Kristen and I were supposed to go and hear my brother spin at this bar out in Livermore, right? Livermore, even. We were honestly willing to go to Livermore (fer fuck�s sake) to hear my brother play. And what does he do? He flakes on us! Totally with the flaking. Well mainly his friends flaked on him and then since he was the only one left standing/going, he flaked on us. Sigh. Where�s the love? So instead we ended up going to Oakland to see Tracy�s husband�s band play: The Hills Have Eyes. Which was hilarious since first we tried to find it and got lost in Oakland. And then we got there and it was this awesome dive bar with Christmas decorations, tons of blinky lights, and collector Barbies in their boxes piled up behind the bar counter. It was fucking sweet. I was so impressed. And so we met Tracy and Ian and all of their friends and THHE played which was cool, (they were verra into their music and it�s always nice when people both actually care about what they�re playing and can still manage to have fun while on stage, ie Ian�s none too subtle winking at the audience to invite them to share in an unknown joke which was brilliant but completely unresponded [I know it�s not a word] to by the blank faced automatons), still though it was very loud and with a shitty, shitty sound system. And Kristen and I sat in the back to avoid the worst of the speakers. Which technically didn�t seem to bother anyone else. But then I don�t think anything bothered these people. They were the angriest looking complacent bore-bot�s I�ve ever been privileged to see. The band was like, �Everybody mosh!� Everyone looked at them with blank stares. I felt a little bad. But my moshing abilities are not so up to par so really I just worked on beating up Kristen while remaining seated in the back. End of story: THHE finished and we went home.

Mind you when I say we went home, I mean Kristen drove us home and I then immediately got in my car and went off to see the midnite showing of Mr. Deeds. HA HA HA HA! I am such a freak.

Today my brother is having this huge bbq thing to which I want to go but also don�t want to go. There�s a live band and Adam, Corey and potentially others spinning, and three kegs. But on the other hand there�s bitchy hooches who glare at me and make me feel uncomfortable IN MY OWN HOME. I fucking LOATHE them. Anyway, when he flaked on me last night, he actually said I could stop by the party if I wanted to when before I was pretty much not invited. So Kristen and I are planning on stopping over there for like half and hour and then hightailing it out of there when the bitchy hooches reduce me to feeling like an insignificant wart that they can�t wait to burn off.

The last thing I have to say about this beginning of my weekend is this: it was soooo much fucking fun to go somewhere with just Kristen instead of the huge mass group outings we normally have. (sorry guys.) It�s not, mind you, to say that I wouldn�t be also happy to do something with just one of you, cause I would. I think my whole point is that even though I really love doing things with everybody: board game night, girl�s poker party, baseball, Coachella, etc., it�s also fantastic to get to do things with just one of my best friends. Lately I�ve found myself looking at how my two separate groups of friends (high school and college and even work friends (of which there really is only Ellie) have merged into one mass conglomerate group of friends and I miss the old days a little when I could distinguish between them and be able to do different things with the different groups and tell/bitch certain things to each one. (cause now I just have all of you here and then Marina in DC and I think it�s a bit much for Marina to receive all the attention I used to pay to a whole group of people. Well, ok she really doesn�t mind. And I would add the existence of jenny as a displaced member, however with her sporadic communications it doesn�t really work out that well. P.S. about jenny, she is going psychotic. I swear to god. Hee hee hee.) Anyway my point here is that it was nice last night to revert to it being just me and Kristen hanging out like we used to and being excessively clique-ish and freaQy.

Oops. Ok I just talked about almost all of this webpage�s entry with Jason on the phone. And now my mom�s here so I best be going!