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I found the handwritten toast I made for Marina’s wedding when I served as Maid of Honor and felt the need to type it up and share due to recent events (Nuala and Garren getting engaged).

I’ve known Marina for 10 years since we went to college together at the University of Puget Sound. Back then we were too young to know what the future might hold, but I always suspected Marina would get married first.

On Marina’s bachelorrette party our friend Kristen made up a rhyming toast which ended, “…and here’s to Marina, the first one to fall.”

We may have been a little bit mocking in our laughter of her pioneer descent into matrimony; but it really all just stems from jealousy. You’re not falling into a trap, you’ve fallen into love.

Back when Mark and Marina first started dating–in November of 2002–Marina sent me an email, which I’m quoting here: “Michele, I am just so happy I really don’t know what to do with myself.”

I hope that you both remain “so happy” in your life together. Here’s to falling in to love and falling in to marriage together.

Please join me in a toast to Marina and Mark. Cheers!

When you get married, Nuala, I’ll say to you, “Second to fall!” but I’ll say it with a smile, love and joy. I’m so happy for both of you finding the best of men to fall in love with and marry. Congratulations again!

4 Responses to Marriage

  1. nuala

    damnit woman. Just engaged and you’re already making me cry! Save it for the wedding. (And that was a great toast you made for Marina by the way)

  2. michele

    ha. thanks. but actually that was not the toast i made for marina in person because i got terrified and flustered at speaking in front of people and said maybe half of it and was incoherent and oh man, it was awful. i still have flashback nightmares.

    sorry to make you cry. =)

  3. nuala

    nah. don’t be sorry. I cry at the drop of anything remotely sappy. Well it was a good toast whether or not you managed to get it out.

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