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a day in the life


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unemployment has its perks. the main one being lots of time to do projects around the house. today’s project was intensive (well, intensive for some one whose days generally consist of lying on the couch emailing, watching dvds, and reading)

Step 1: laundry. it piled up as laundry does and i started on the first of four loads this morning (morning being a subjective term much like “intensive” and for me being approximately 1:30pm).

Step 2: piles of books on floor in bedroom. cannot take it anymore. must reorganize and purge bookcases so everything will fit.

Step 3: change over laundry

Step 4: email for a bit with kristen about purging books and libraries of our future selves.

Step 5: change over some more laundry

Step 6: sort piles of books into non-fiction, fiction, sci-fi, romance, and YA.

Step 7: find out jacob and lisa got engaged, have a bout of phone and emailing with friends.

Step 8: more laundry. sigh.

Step 9: begin purging bookcases starting with non-fic, moving thru to fic, have purged enough or become a supremely inventive stacker to have cleared one whole shelf. continue purging and stacking until starvation sets in

Step 10: force mother to order pizza.

Step 11: have reached romance! do i really need to see all the titles? no! stack 2 deep, more delightful kresley cole’s, julia quinn’s, judith mcnaught’s, and jennifer cruisie’s in front.

Step 12: fooooooooood.

Step 13: cursed laundry.

Step 14: hang up all outstanding laundry in preparation for new laundry.

Step 15: reach YA (2 whole bookcases)! still have a whole extra shelf! have masses upon masses of newly read YA to shelve though. inventive stacking takes on whole new proportions. i am a genius. reach end of YA and still have a whole extra shelf.

Step 16: put away all clean laundry.

Step 17: put 8 boxes/bags of books to sell in guest room.

Step 18: celebrate today’s success with mini bottle of 17 year old scotch found on bookcase (purchased when last in scotland–1998). fish styx celebrates success with favorite toy found behind row of books on third shelf up (WTF? how does he do that?)

3 Responses to a day in the life

  1. didofoot

    heh. I like that you managed to sandwich jacob’s engagement in there between laundry and novels.

    but also, well DONE! you earned that scotch. did you take before and after pics? (or am I the only one relentlessly committed to photographing my books?)

  2. didofoot

    oh, and also also, I think you’ve inspired me to clean my own closet which is currently ankle-deep in clothes on the floor from wall to wall. it would be nice if I could reach my hat shelf again.

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