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Napa Weekend: Story #1


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Our first night in Napa for Kristen’s 30th birthday, Adam busted out the bottles of wine. By the time we’d (7 of us) drunk 6 bottles, people actually started arriving.

At this point, I was very, very drunk and Erica pointed out that we didn’t have a bed yet. So I busted out the brand new inflatable queen that my mom purchased that very day and we started to blow it up. We sat and waited. And looked at pictures of Erica’s crush on her IPhone. And waited. It wasn’t working. I attempted to read the directions. Mind you, I was drunk, but I think the lighting was bad too because it was hard to read–all blurry and things kept moving around….OK, I was just drunk. After re-reading the the 1 sided, 1 page of directions multiple times I finally figured out that you needed to charge the motor for 24 hours in advance of using it; not just plug and blow. I relayed this information to Erica. She was frankly disbelieving. I read the directions a couple more times to discover that you could use the lighter volt thing in a car for a measly minute and it would be inflated.

We carried the mattress to the car. DRUNK. Plugged it in and it was loud. So loud. But 60 seconds later we had something much more unwieldy to carry back inside. So giddy at this point I barely managed to make it in the front door before dropping the back end and falling on the bed.

“It’s so firm!” I wheezed out between giggles.

Kristen came tearing around the corner and yelled triumphantly, “That’s what she said!”

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