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Routine Cat Jokes


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Fish Styx (my cat) is a creature of routine. He’s used to getting fed every morning by 6:05 and by 6:10 to be drinking water from the bathroom sink. Weekends are pretty upsetting for the both of us.

Upside down drinking

Upside down drinking

This week at work some of us were hanging out in the kitchen interrogating Morgan about her second date the night before and discussing cat jokes.

The joke was “What’s a cat’s favorite band?”

Morgan: Meow-se.
Me: Cat Stevens.

Paul walks into the kitchen.

Paul: Hey guys. What are you doing?
Sarah: Telling jokes about cats.
Paul, totally deadpan: There’s nothing funny about cats.

Morgan does a full on spit take.

Paul's cats. Nothing funny here.

Paul’s cats. Nothing funny here.

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