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potential inheritance

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this great aunt who i don’t think i’ve ever met except maybe once died recently. a couple of minutes ago i got an email from my mom saying that there are letters from Pennsylvania for my brother and me from some lawyer. could this potentially be a windfall inheritance? maybe i could buy the pink castle.


dammit. just got another email from my mom:

There will be money at some later date, but not now. Adam just got home and read his. She left her money in trust for Uncle John until his death. After that there are donations to charity and the rest is divided between your Grandfather Edward’s children or issue and Uncle Matt’s kids or issue. I would assume that Uncle John’s will be much the same so when he dies you will get a portion from each of whatever is left. I know that Uncle John had quite a bit of money, but he has been living off it in retirement for some time. No telling how much will be left whenever. and at the moment he is healthy except for some senility. No need to rush about for that.



fucking bitches. crushing my pink castle dreams in the sky. smunch! smunch-smunch!


future of blog/camgirls


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“Blogs. Though the name is clumsy, the method is deft: A weblog (“blog” for short) is a web-based tool for spreading information on a variety of topics around the world via the Internet.

Using blogs, individuals or groups post a running commentary on topics that interest them–politics, technology, pop culture….nearly anything at all. The sites typically include links to other web resources and a space for readers to provide feedback on interact. They are updated frequently, even several times a day, as new information flows in. Estimates put the number of weblogs currently online at anywhere from 200,000 to 500,000.”

uc berkeley is turning blogging into a class! a class! i wish i could take that actually….

speaking of blogs though. i found a fascinating new subculture of blogs. the webcam girls. oh jesus christ. these things are amazing. there’s semi-naked pictures. if you go to the hardcore one (camwhores) then there’s uhhh….really nasty stuff going on. anyway all they do is blog about thier lives and things they’re doing and ask for presents. they actually ask for presents! they all have links to amazon wishlists. and they all appear to know one another and talk about one another and link to one another. and generally they seem to range between 16-18 years of age. it’s insane. i am so impressed by this whole concept. (sexpot)

this one is pretty blatant in the asking for presents as her birthday and wish list link are right at the top of the page.

i like the layout of this one and how she talks about being a camgirl all the fucking time.

this is the one that started me on the horrible downward spiral of reading all these as it was linked from a site tracy has linked on her site.

and this one got some poor schmo to but her a $450 digital camera. fer fuck’s sake.

goddammit. i just got totally sucked back into that world for like the last 45 minutes. did i finish this post? no? am i taking lunch? no. fuck me. argh. don’t go look at these camgirls. and whatver you do don’t then start looking at other ones off of theirs. it’s a vicious vicious cycle.




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the people in my office are in the kitchen having lunch and talking about reincarnation. yes. reincarnation. hoo boy.

“cedar souls” by someone named gary..or john edwards… says stuff about soul mates and how people’s souls hang out somewhere and then choose where they want to be/go/gender/race/whatever and then go and hang out for a while before dying again but then come back relatively the same with the same semi group of people. could you see that?

we’re all in some ectoplasmic plane meeting and greeting in order to decide who we want to spend forever being reincarnated with. that doesn’t seem very plausible.

“hello person who will become my arch-nemisis….let’s hang out forever.”

who is my arch-nemesis? hmmm…..maybe….umm…..i dunno.

now they’re fighting over the testament and church-going. fucking ay. they are all up in arms about things now.

go look for past lives stories of your very own here.


green party 2

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i would just like to say that i am not particularly against mexican immigrants. but neither am i particularly for them. the thing is that i don’t KNOW what it really means to give them california DL’s or to accept them into our country. does it mean that we pay higher taxes in order to support thier unemployment checks? because i’m not really down with that. or does giving them a DL irregardless of driving ability or financial stability with which to purchase a car just create a rash of accidents and car theivery? it’s possible. not very likely, but once again i don’t know. does thier illegal entry into our country have really any effect on my upper middle class life whatsoever? not noticeably so far. and would their legal acceptance change that? i don’t know.

according to this article/bulletin board many people don’t want more illegal aliens entering the country. do they have any good points? on the flip side there’s all those people claiming EVERYBODY but the indians are illegal immigrants and should be kicked out.

there are books, like this one by Joel Millman in favor of immigrants for economic benefit. (24 sample pages)

“Amnesties such as those mentioned above would only serve to accelerate population growth. If current trends of over one million legal, and over 400,000 illegal, immigrants per year continue, those immigrants plus their offspring will be the main cause of the U.S. population doubling to over 500 million by 2050. Additional amnesties would cause the U.S. population to reach half a billion even sooner than 2050. The continued growth in population threatens the ability of the United States to support a population within its long-term carrying capacity. The environmental degradation caused by overpopulation is too great to ignore. We must protect our environment by halting amnesties and working toward population stabilization.”

the immigration and naturalization service

i think my point is that i’m not trying to be a hater of immigrants. i’m just questioning whether or not it’s an ok thing or a very bad thing. even with all of the above i still don’t feel either fully imformed or decision making ready. but then again, what is my decision really worth? not a whole hell of a lot, i admit. but i think it’s worth something to question the feasibility of granting amnesties right and left.


green party


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the other day kim sent some of us an email about how we all have to vote for peter miguel camejo for california governor in november. green party i said. ehh what? so today i went and looked at his i-page. i learned many interesting things:

“Camejo is a published author, is fluent in Spanish and English, and lives with his wife Morella in Walnut Creek, California.”

oh really? walnut creek you say? published author? hmmm…..

3 things on his “platform”:

“End addiction by focusing on demand.”

what does that even mean?

“require labeling and regulation of genetically modified foods.”

you mean they’re not doing that now?

“End the mistreatment of undocumented residents. Legalize undocumented workers. Provide a legal driver’s license for all immigrants.”

should we really be further overcrowding out state? i just don’t know where i stand on this one. my mother substituted at a predominantly spanish speaking school and none of the kids would listen to her and called her a whole bunch of really dirty words and practically drove her to tears. that ain’t cool. i can’t hold with that kind of behavior.

however in this other article, it talks about how “his wife would kill” him if he became govenor. and how he ate at the cheesecake factory. and you know how i love the cheesecake factory. and the whole, ‘voting for him because the other ones are so bad’ theory is starting to sound pretty good.

who knows? i don’t know. i’m not political. i’m like a deep dark hole thru which politics can find no purchase. none. it’s like spelunking. only in the dark. and with very very mossy slime walls and no grips. hmmm…let’s get away from the people spelunking in me image. that’s just not kosher.

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