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linda cardellini worship-fest


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ahhhHHH!!!! linda cardellini was at the Aidswalk yesterday being a guest of honor and then when Nuala and i were walking, she was suddenly there. being all walking too. and we walked behind her forever! i was so excited! if you do not know who she is (more fool you) if you look at this picture you will prob have a vague idea. but if you are in the know and look at this picture you will see why i was so excited. 🙂 yey! her bf was there too, jason segal also from “freaks and geeks”. and they were just walking along. walking. walking. me right behind them! it was super great fantastic! yes i realize my enthusiasm is a little out of control. shut your mouth.

and nuala saw some bison. (bison! bison! bison!) so she was pretty happy too.

speaking of the aidswalk though. i mean as long as we’re ON the subject. what the fuck is the point of the walking part is what i want to know. getting the donations is all well and good, but then once you have them what’s the point in the actual walking? it’s dumb. and full of blistery pain. couldn’t it just be like the aidsfundraiser? which is not to say that it was not a nice walk. pretty. trees. dirt. umm…the aforementioned bison. and the excitement lucky chance-o of walking behind linda cardellini.

but…i dunno. it felt kind of shunted into the park and it wasn’t like it was being widely covered by anyone who cared. and i didn’t feel as if i formed some deep bond with my fellow walkers in our committed fight against aids. mainly i felt that we all bonded over the fact that the promised “ice cream” was really just melted popicee in the plastic recepticles. and i guess if you are a huge honey roasted peanuts fan than they were handing those out and i saw some people making out like bandits running off clutching handfuls of the little baggies. but come on, were we on a plane? i think not.


i got two free t-shirts though. free ones. i slept in one last night. along with my not so free lacy pink panties. yeah….you didn’t need to know that.

what else i did this fine fine weekend: spent entirely too much time next to a pool (all three days.) and went to a fascinating party at tracy and ian’s house in oakland. there was a guy there who i have to give mad props too. at first i was utterly flabbergasted by his clothing choices. but after a few minutes of adjusting time i was in awe. who could pull off an outfit like that? not many people let me tell you. definite flair. hmmm possibly now he will be reading this though, so perhaps i should feel slightly nervous about writing anything, since for some reason you bastards were talking about weblogs and now everyone knows i bite kristen’s ass. tragic. i am deeply ashamed. deeply i tell you.

you know what’s fascinating? the lengths people go to when talking about peanuts.




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although i am gloriously happy that it is friday, i am also bored, sleepy, irritable, and easily upset. grr i say to you readers. grrr. better watch out or i’ll bite your finger off.

what’s sad is that i really don’t have anything to say today. which is not so bad since no one had anything to say about my posting yesterday. turn around = fair play. mind you…i won’t let fair play stop me from babbling on for a while now.

on wed we played baseball and tracy hit me with the ball. ouchie. pain. it’s actually still not mutliple colors i am very sad. it’s all puffy of course and red, but where’s the black and the blue and maybe so later i could have some green and yellow? i am still hopeful that it will come around. anyway, even though i got injured (so what else is new?) it was still really fun and i was glad that tracy and ian came to play with us. cause new peeps are always good.

today i have a paper due! yes a paper. not much of a paper since it’s restricted to being 3 pages in length. but still a paper. i wrote it last night between 10 and 11. it is incredibly shitty. i am so disappointed in myself. kristen just reviewed it for me and thinks it’s good irregardless of the fact that it presents a point different from what gene says. that’s amazing. i am a golden god! rlr

in this class on computer ergonomics earlier this week i learned that one of the ways of preventing carpal tunnel and tendonitis is to practice using the mouse with your less dominant hand. a fascinating idea that i really have yet to put into practice. mostly probably because i already have tendonitis and seem to feel it is a lost cause.

i’m doing the AidsWalk on Sunday and if you would like to sponsor me you still have a chance to do so. Click on this and it will take you to my webpage where you can use a credit card to make a donation.


of toads and warthogs.

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low fat cottage cheese sucks ass.

On the 4th of July, President Bush spent his time in a devotional service in Ripley, West Virginia where Rev Jack Miller of West Ripley Baptist Church gave a sermon in which he stated,

“There is no American race; there’s only an American creed…We have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your word in the name of multiculturalism. We have been forced into sexual devience in the name of freedom of expression. We have exploited the system of education in the name of the lottery. We have toyed with the idea of helping human life in the name of medical research. We have killed our unborn children in the name of choice.”

It boggles the mind.

They also said the pledge of allegiance and shouted out with one voice, “under God!” in defiance of the issue in courts.


powerpuff sex symbols


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today in my online film class we were discussing the role of femme fatales in

film noir. and the teacher was asking some questions about female power and whether there were females in popular media today who were good “role models” and he asked,

“Taking Urs’ argument to modern media: Powerpuff Girls – three 5yo girls who are essentially adult females in child female bodies who fight crime and fly around and “stuff.” Are THEY good role models?”

and i said:

powerpuff girls are not good role models. all of the evil characters

are male and all of their “guardians” are male except for thier ineffectual teacher. the girls themselves therefore are still dominated by men. and they have no sexuality to speak of.

and he said:

Do you REALLY want to see sexualized 5yo girls? ppg.jpg

and i was like eek! dood that’s not what i meant! i was comparing with gilda and the lady from shanghai and how the femme fatales base their power in their sexuality and there’s no way to compare them with the aesexual powerpuff girls! sigh. i somehow always manage to stick my foot in my mouth in film class chat session.

anyway the point is, for all you bloggers out there, if you like powerpuff girls, go take this simple quiz. kristen and i were both buttercup.

this morning, one of my bosses was talking about how james brown was going to be playing at this fair in, (i think), vallejo, and i was all excited and said, “really? james brown?” and she said, “girl, you don’t know nothing about james brown. this is james brown we’re talking about. not one of the backstreet boys.” and i just kind of looked at her. and she was saying some line from one of his songs. (can’t remember which one.) and so i said, “get up offa that thing!” and they all laughed and laughed. fucking bosses who think i don’t got no soul. i am brim full of soul! i am a soul-sista!

but then later my boss jeanene asked me while i was copying things if i ever listened to “journey” cause she is going to see them. i was hard pressed not to fall over laughing at her. she is brill i swear. she’s also pregnant. and was talking about some heavy metal bands too. whoo. something else. and at the copier too.

p.s. possibly some of you have noticed, but my movie reviews page has also been converted to MT and is underneath the links on the right side of the page. it also has comments feature so you can make your own comments both on the movies/my reviews of them. thank you soo soo much to gene for setting that up for me. 🙂

p.p.s. a new webpage blog has joined us to fight the good fight against all things bad: fat-free wheat thins, drool, and miniture poodles. so everybody say, “hiiiiii katie….” and “happy mousing.”




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Bring on the Needles.

As some of you know, I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now, and now that I have this handy dandy comments feature I am going to canvas for opinions on what I should get. Yes, even YOU, get a chance to weigh in with your two cents. FYI, I want a word that is two characters long so that I can get one character tattooed on each wrist on the outer edge (underneath the pinkie). And I will be getting it done in black, cause color fades and screw that shit. See below for links to what the various words look like in Japanese. And have a nice day.

1. ocean water

2. light of a firefly

3. dragonfly

4. fairy/sprite/elf

5. kitten

6. wandering star

7. falling star

Note: Of course I might find some other one I want to do, and you should feel free to offer suggestions too. And ummmm yeah….. ok then. 🙂


Doug and Lisa’s House


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Well, I have done a great service to the Cement Horizon community and have made a page with pictures of Doug’s new house in Eugene, OR for you all to go and look at. this was mainly based on the fact that some people were curious as to what it looked like (Jason and Marina) and I felt that potentially others might be curious too. I know I was curious and therefore raided Jacob’s computer to see the pictures and have now stolen them all for your viewing pleasure. (Sorry Jacob) But really I don’t think he’ll care since he kept offering to show them to people anyway.

To be honest I feel like I should talk about “how it makes me feel” to see pictures of my ex-boyfriend’s new house that he is buying with his fianc�e. How does it make me feel? Well…..none too shabby I spose. I mean…don’t get me wrong. it would be nice if I bought a house someday with my fianc�e/boyfriend whatever but I sure am glad I�m not doing it right now. And after we’d been going out for two years and I began to be very afraid of that kind of thing actually happening to ME, I admit that I ran away from that big of a commitment. admittedly my treatment then of him was not so good as we kind of stopped speaking and that still makes me kind of sad sometimes. Because Doug was/is super cool, and really funny, smart, and nice/sweet to me (even though I don’t think I ever saw a flower on any of the trite holidays or random romantic days.) I do have a pink dog with hearts on his feet though. Grin. But that is another story.

Anyway enough blather. I hope that Doug and Lisa will be really happy in their new house and have fun going to grad school in Eugene and all that jazz. And also I kind of hope they don’t ever read this page. Ever.

PS. Erica does not understand moral codes because she is a slut. FYI. Apparently.

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