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shaolin soccer


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this movie is so good i swear. punchy punchy kicky kicky! soccer ball!(the link is admittedly…in chinese…but watch it just for the opening animated sequence thingy.)

what brings on this vehement display of affection? well i went to see spykids2. (yes spykids 2. i saw spykids 1 too. whaddaya think about that, huh?) and one of the previews was for shaolin soccer. now at first i was a little confused because this movie already came out and i have seen it on dvd which i rented from my boyfriend at dvd depot. hot diggity damn. but they appear to be dubbing it and releasing it thru miramax in the states. i want you all to see it. jacob will see it. jacob will be uber excited. because jacob saw it already with me. yeah me and jacob! seeing the coolest shaolin monks playing soccer movie of all time.


the girl on the left in this picture is cecilia cheung.cecilia cheung for fuck’s sake people. she’s cameo-ing. be sure to also check out the legend of zu and help!!!, (both of those have ekin chang in them too. love him. love him so much.) she’s no kristy yeung, but that’s ok.

hmmm….i just found this review. now i am a little nervous. they cut things? and the dubbing is bad? it sounded ok in the preview…..


film noir


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ok kiddies, i have an interactive project for us today.

i have to write a scene from a film noir script for my film class, and i am going to enlist all of your help in doing so. mind you this is just for fun and i won’t actually USE it or anything to turn in for my assignment. ahem. cause i’m not a thief or anything.

so this is the required scene set up according to my dumbass teacher (which, mind you, needs a voiceover AND a flashback at some point.):

Scene: Our protagonist, a hardboiled detective down on his luck, is drinking in a bar. A fight between 2 gangstas breaks out in the back. A woman, our femme fatale, tries to break up the fight, but is pushed roughly out of the way by one of them. Our protagonist tries to help her, but the other gangsta throws him hard to the ground. At the sound of police sirens, the gangstas rush from the bar. Our femme fatale helps the detective to his feet and offers to buy him a drink. He reluctantly agrees.

HOWEVER, we do not need to follow this scripted scene AT ALL. feel free to diverge. go wacky. it doesn’t matter.

umm…so i guess i’ll begin then.

film opens on a cloud of smoke, and credits appearing out of the smoke. occasionally glimpses of a woman’s face can be seen, but never too much all at once. sometimes the eyes, or the lips, or a profile in shadows. (we need a good title now…maybe we could decide on it later though.) when the credits end the voiceover begins. i don’t know what the fuck it says though. anyway, the camera zooms in thru the smoke to come out the other side, and the woman blows out her next puff to the side and we see her face in the light fully for the first time. she is gorgeous (obviously) with full pouting red lips, flawless skin, and long shiny hair artfully arranged in that careless windblown look. she is wearing a tight black sheath with a plunging neckline and stiletto heels, which looks very uncomfortable, but she pulls it off effortlessly. the camera pans back a little to reveal that she is ensconced at a bar in a slightly dingy jazz club. light jazz music has been playing all this time, and as the camera angles back a little more to showcase more of the bar dregs, the music picks up a little and sultry female vocals join the band to produce an aurally mesmerizing sound of vocals soaring around and entwining with the instruments that creates a blend of sensual atmosphere to make even the hearing impaired weep. the woman gives a half smile that is so unconsciously sexy that it hurts. and in the background 2 gangstas walk into the bar, see the woman and with with leering faces begin to walk towards her with purposeful strides….



fucking ferrets.


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the last two days, i’ve been wearing my glasses to work due to the fact that i’m having allergic reactions to everything right now. these are the responses to said glasses:

“michele, i didn’t know you wore glasses!”

“michele, you look so cute in those!”

“are you wearing glasses?”

“you look really good in glasses!”

“are those real?” (bible thumping mary seemed to think i might be trying to make some fashion statement and wearing fake glasses to look cool. which is funny considering how much i hate my glasses, wearing glasses, and how i look in glasses.)

in other news my mother just informed me that my brother is MOVING OUT IN SEPTEMBER. since i am moving back there next month, this means that i will get THREE BEDROOMS OF MY VERY OWN instead of the one very small one. and my own bathroom! and no more nasty ferret stink! but then again also…no more fun boy friends over all the time….and no more funny brother there all the time…but no more nasty girl friends all the fucking time with the using of my shampoo. skanky bitches. but guess who he’s going to live with! corey fucking miller! argh!


that ferret is wearing a fleece vest. yes. a fleece vest. just what every ferret needs. click on him to see another ferret. if you care that much about ferrets. are these ferrets friends with the kitten or EATING the kitten?

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