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Next Weekend, Staid.

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Though I’m enjoying these insanely awesome weekends, I think I might need next weekend to be kind of staid. You know, for recovery. And because I’m house-sitting. Speaking of which, POOL PARTY!

This weekend consisted of a game night and a tea party. Both events = awesome. Both events also = photo ops.

How divine is everything about this picture? I mean, I look like one of the ladies from Gray Gardens. I don’t think that’s something I actually want to look like, but I am enjoying the mental image all the same.

Having a Finer Things Club (yes, our tea is snotty) without Nuala is depressing. This was our first go of it. I have to say though much as I missed Nuala it turns out I missed the little sandwiches more. So good. I want more little sandwiches in my life. Also more Nuala. But I will accept little sandwiches until she’s back where she belongs in this empty space.

Being tickled as she properly ought.

The Game Night was also hilarious (and also at Kristen’s). Mostly I loved it for the new game Erica taught us. She showed up in a gorgeous flowered gown and said, “Let’s play this.” And we all said, “We bow to your experience.” Yes, it happened just like that. Just like, I’m telling you.

Erica’s game involved paper, pens, and cliches. It was a cross between Pictionary and Telephone. I liked best how much hilarity it engendered.

Also how it gave us the new catch phrase, “Up my ass and down the hatch”, and really just everything about the completed products. I took pictures of our efforts from the first round. I was too tired after the second. Takes a lot out of you, that much laughing.

You can see pictures from Game Night here. And more pictures from the Tea Party here.


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the best thing about finer things club, is how supportive we can be of one another. i only read 8 pages of our chosen book this month.

8. yes.

nuala read the spark notes and christine and kristen read 100 pages (a third of the book). but we still managed to have a lively discussion about goat killings all the same. full disclosure: we’re unanimously against random violence against baby goats. maybe if you eat the kid we’ll forgive, but if you’re just killing it? NO FORGIVENESS, CRUSOE.

kristen’s pictures of the event are awesome and located here. i put up some on Flickr too.

after tea we watched pirates of the caribbean to continue our island adventure theme. we were supposed to watch swiss family robinson (who can not love ostrich racing? are you with me?) but i fell down on the job and didn’t manage to get it in time.

next month will be crazy lady month. we’ll be reading jane eyre or wuthering heights or the yellow wallpaper. i have no idea yet what costume this reading endeavor will spark, but man i am excited. also what foods do crazy ladies eat? i’m not eating rats or anything. what do you think insane people on the moors (scottish thistles?) or locked in turrets (moths?) eat?