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The Fuzz and the Glory

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So my weekend was pretty exciting. First, I went to Kris’s house and disrobed in the living room and scandalized her with my bra. Second I wore a slip to an Easter brunch. This weekend was kind of about nudity. And our Lord. Mostly nudity and wine though.

The sad thing about the Bollywood dinner/movie event is that most of the photos are hella fuzzy. This is annoying. But they are also sooo hilarious, that I couldn’t bring myself to delete many of them.

It went from demure

to not demure

so quickly.

There was dancing

and weird posing

and more nudity

Basically what I took away from this event is

1. Imran Khan is hot, adorable, fabulous, and wets Katy’s panties.

2. Nudity is maybe ok?

3. Saris are awesome.

4. No, nudity is not ok.

Sub-clause: Nudity is totally OK if it’s Imran Khan’s.

There are more pictures here. There are also videos of creepy ear stroking but they are super dark and also not online at the moment.

And THEN, I went to an Easter Extravaganza today at Adam and Christine’s where there were 5 bottles of sweet bubbly to go with the incredible crepe brunch and then Easter basket hunting with scavenger clues and then more food and about 11 (?) bottles of white wine to try. And more food. And cupcakes. Christine kind of outdid herself with the cooking and Adam outdid himself with the wine. The weather mostly cooperated and I met the neighborhood cat. It was all in all excellent.

The wine tasting spread:

The beautiful day that it was:

The prettiness of my Alameda Vintage Fashion Faire slip and the cuteness which is Jax:

More pictures of Easter celebrations here.


PostCrossing 2, Quelf, and Ending on a Cat

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I’m a day late for my monthly book review already but screw that. I’ve got other things to talk about first. I am so delinquent on blogging; things have been piling up.

First of all, PostCrossing.com continues to be awesome. I’ve now sent out 10 postcards, and so I made another album of the new 5 on Flickr. Check them out! This time I sent to the Netherlands (2), Taiwan, China, and Latvia. Latvia was pretty exciting, I thought to myself. I’ve never sent anything there before, after all. I’ve also started going back on the original 5 and adding information in the extended caption space. This includes, for example, a link to the PostCrossing site so you can see the journey of the postcard. From there you can also click on the link to the recipient and go see more information about them. In general they write about who they are, what kind of postcards they like, and–sometimes–ask you to provide trivia about yourself for them. I always dutifully try to follow their requests. I am also including the notes they write back to me via the site. So far my absolute favorite is from Dead in Canada. She wrote:

“Hello Michele, thanks SO much for this Edward Gorey card, it brought back childhood memories for me! When I was very little, my brother and I had a huge poster of “The Gashlycrumb Tinies” on our playroom door. The only part I remember is “V is for Victor who was hit by a train” because we had a cousin Victor who we hated, and we always wished that was him. I didn’t know who the artist was and I didn’t even remember that poster until today, so thanks for bringing back a flood of childhood memories!

Also, my brother and I sound like jerks for wishing our cousin Victor was hit by a train, but he was awful. He was always beating us up and stealing our stuff!”

You can see information about that postcard here and here. Hm, and also here.

Seriously, how awesome does she sound? This is why PostCrossing is brilliant. Or at least it’s one reason. I’ve only received one postcard so far and I’m going to wait till I have 5 to write about them. Batches of 5 just work better for me. In the meantime you can also see more PostCrossing participation over on my cousin Katherine’s blog.

Secondly, I played Quelf again with the peeps at Kris’s house last weekend. It was awesome. I took some pictures which can be see here. Kris also took a picture and blogged about it over on Carthage. In my Flickr album of it there are also two videos of Jason leading everyone in song. Genius.

And lastly, my cat is fricking adorable. But his fangs are enormous.



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I’ve been kind of lazy and not uploading or writing about my pictures lately. Whoops, slacker.

A couple weekends ago, I went to Esparto, CA with my mom, brother, Erin, and Evan to the Almond Festival. There were rides, ponies, the Fire Department was selling tri-tip sandwiches (sooooo good), and there were many many free samples of things to eat and read. I had a lot of almonds. Flavored and covered in chocolate. Also snipped off pieces of the most gigantic licorice I’ve ever seen in my life. I wish I had bought some but it was expensive. There was even a library book sale. Basically it was a massive success.

And after Fest’ing it up, we went over to Creekside Ranch to see all the baby sheeps. Baby sheeps! Evan and I were in heaven. We got to bottle feed a bummer lamb!

So adorable. There are more pictures of the day here.

Last night I had a Sushi Sunday party here at my house-sitting location. It’s been a long time since I gorged on home-made sushi. It was just as delicious as I remembered it being. I also made crab meat/cream cheese puffs which were incredible. Sadly we ate all of them before I remembered I had a camera. After dinner we played this gorgeous (but kind of vicious) pirate board game.

More pictures of last night here.


Sloshing Around Drunk

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This weekend was the first official British Garden Party held at Pleasant Hill Park. In direct conflict with our own sovereign nation, another group had reserved the picnic area to our southeast in the name of France.

Kris: Let’s attack them!

Gene: With what. Our disturbingly bright petit-fours?

Me: Capture their flag!

Kris: And we don’t even have a flag! We will so win this Battle of Gregory!

After a determined, and sneaky, flag battle–so subtle it was like it never even happened–more people arrived and the real drinking began.

I’ve never gotten drunk in a public park in the daytime before. Let me tell you, it’s a little embarrassing. Also the post-park heat exhaustion headache and continued drunkeness for like 3 hours after I got home was a trifle ridiculous. What can you do though? Some days you just have to be British. Even in 95 degree weather.

There were two home-made drinks. One, made by Adam, was full of rum and fruit juices.

Me: So, what do you call it?

Adam: ……tea?

Me: (frowns)

Kris: …. (she’s not actually paying attention yet)

Me: Maybe like Long Island Iced Tea?

Kris: Norfolk. Surrey. Warwickshire. Avon-upon-Stratford. Aquitaine.

Me: What? That’s in France.

Kris: It was in England ONCE.

Me: Maybe Southhampton. Or Shropshire.

Kris: Something with Wold in it. Like Toad.

End result: Toad-in-the-Wold Iced Tea. Toad in the Tea for short.

The other drink, made by me, was full of gin, triple sec, mango wine, flat lemon-flavored seltzer water, and 3 cucumbers. It never got a name during the course of the party. I have now come up with Gin Coquette. Because: 1: We played Croquet but sometimes Gene calls it Croquette. And 2. It is a coquettish beast of a drink. All light and tart on the tongue and then punches you in the face 15 minutes later with fizzy pockets of drunk coursing through your veins.

We played bocce ball and croquet, sat around drinking, eating, and chatting desultorily with British mannerisms (once I stuck my pinky out while drinking from my plastic cup. No, really.) And I had a lovely time. You can see pictures here: British Garden Party.


great america

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On Sunday I went to Great America with Gene, Christine, Adam, Nuala and Garren. It was an excellently sized group, a gorgeous day, and there was a new ride titled “Firefall”. Let me tell you a little about Firefall.


was Christine’s reaction upon first seeing it.

And then the water burst into flames.

It was AWESOME. “FIRE!” I would yell at random intervals when halfway across the park.

As is to be expected when Great America-ing with Christine and I: we went on Delirium three times. One of those times, I tried to explain my love affair with the ride to Garren (who had been a Delirium virgin up until yesterday).

Me: Delirium is like great sex.

Garren: “Wha…Wha..What?”

Me: Well when it’s good it’s like your whole body is swirling around and you get sort of light-headed and then at the end you feel fantastic.

Garren proceeded to chortle through the entire ride. Which I guess might also happen during great sex. I can’t tell if it’s just because I’ve been reading too many romance novels lately or because I’m reaching the peak of female sexuality (getting old, people) but I could have ridden Delirium all day long. I’m just saying.

More pictures HERE.

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