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Friends, old and new.

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At the last game night at Jacob and Lisa’s (10 days ago), I had this whole argument with Tami and Aaron beforehand in their bedroom. Where I was lying on the bed, Tami was bra-less and Aaron had man-stink. Let me explain because it’s not as dirty as you might think. Except for Aaron who was as dirty as you’re thinking.

After my internship ended for the day at 4pm, I was hanging out in Berkeley with nothing to do till 5:30 when I could go bug Lisa at pre-Game Night. But I got bored and so I went to Tami’s and knocked on the door till she opened it in pajamas and bullied my way in. Then we lay around on her bed chatting till Aaron got home (smelly) and he showered and then we went to play games. But first we argued about how I was competitive. With me saying I’m much less competitive now than I used to be and Aaron snorting with laughter at my protestations. Tami hid a smile and remained silent.

And they were proved right a few hours later when Tami thwarted me in the Blue Moon City game for the 3rd time in a row and I called her a “ho” with heat. Sigh. Competitive and truculent. I really need to work on these things.

Later, Tami got me back by calling me a ‘whore’ for no good reason. I mean, maybe there was a reason? I can’t even actually remember where we were when she called me that. It was either at Jon’s Burning Man party or at Fondue night. I do remember laughing very hard because it was kind of incongruous coming out of her mouth. Much like that time Kris and I were drunk on the back of Baby Albee yelling out “bird” to Adam on the second deck and she yelled out “bug!” Hilarious.

Also at the Burning Man party, showing off my whoredom (which I’m not), I pointed out all the people I knew to Christine who had demanded as “an old married lady” to know “all the gossip about us single people”. And I knew a surprising amount of people at this party really. And gossip about them. But then she got upset and claimed that it’s weird me knowing all these people she doesn’t know and she doesn’t like it. Not like she’s actually against it but she was more like, “When did this happen?” This came about because I was talking to Tim and Ally for a while and she came up to stand by me so I introduced them but then the whole conversation was about me complimenting Ally’s new haircut and Tim berating me for not noticing he shaved off his goatee and the last movie the three of us saw together and the movie Tim’s making. So we went back to our table and friends and Christine was all accusingly, “You’re friends with them!” And I don’t know if that’s really true especially since I don’t know if she spells it Ally or Allie but I guess maybe we’re friends? I think we are. And it is weird. I mean, this weekend, I kicked Rob in the thigh until he said ‘hi’ to Tim for me over the phone and then Ally said ‘hi’ to me thru Tim thru Rob. And then I chortled gleefully and possibly kicked Rob in the thigh again for fun. And you know what, that is weird. Or normal? I don’t know. I know I like it.

But just last night Jason too was like, “Where have all these new people come from? All of a sudden there’s these people. I don’t like it.” But it’s not like it happened overnight. It’s been a year since we started hanging out with all of them. But I guess it’s been 21, 14, and 10 years for most of the rest of us. Our last new person was possibly Lisa, right? In 2007. It’s probably time for some new friends. And they are fun. What with all the calling me a whore and letting me kick them. Good times.

Friends, old and new.

More pictures from the Burning Man party (and also Int’l Highland Games Fest) here.

Oh wow, it’s Ale. Which is totally different than both Ally and Allie. Maybe we’re not friends.


One Week In


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It’s the seventh day of NaNo. On the 7th day in the Bible, God rested. But not me! I NaNo’d.

It’s going pretty well so far. I’ve maintained my one chapter/approx 2,000 words a day plan. Frankly I’m kind of impressed with myself. Which, you know, is why I’m sacrilegiously comparing myself to God.

A lot of time this week was spent trying to convince Kris that we should pull an all-nighter write-in at a hotel. Nuala! Get us a hotel room with a view! We could order room service and write. And maybe take a bubble bath and sleep on a heavenly hotel bed. I do not know why I am so obsessed with hotel rooms lately. But I wish someone would oblige my desires.

Current Word Count: 16,043

P.S. Happy 30th Birthday, Jason! 7th day of the month: Jason and Josh were born. And then God rested.


Napa Weekend: Story #3


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This is my illicit story which I probably really shouldn’t be posting but it’s too good to pass up. Also this story is kind of inferred from what I vaguely remember in my drunken haze. Only the photo is irrefutable.

At our 4th or 5th winery of the day–Jefferson Cellars, or something like that–I was pretty drunk. Mostly because I kept drinking Jason’s tastings as well as my own. No. Not mostly because of that. That was only like three tastings. It was really just the aggregate of all my tastings and champagne in the car.

Point is: Erica was texting with Jolie who wanted something scandalous to happen on this wine induced fog of impaired judgment. Her example was that Erica and I should make out in the stretch yellow Hummer. Well….we weren’t in the Hummer at that particular moment so we made do.


The Jason element was a genius move on Erica’s part. And Jolie’s reply was immediate and laughingly asked what else she should request if we were going to oblige her so quickly and in a most amusing manner.

Later that evening Jolie texted to ask if we did anything else sordid that Jason endorsed.

My reply: “Erica and I made out all day long, Jason’s thumbs are SO tired.”